November 6, 2020

Early on in the year 2000 we had heard through the grapevine that a Psychobilly festival was happening in over New York and thought we needed to get on knowing it could be a chance of a life time. So when we played The Charlotte in Leicester that January we knew Stephanie Chapman of Spindrift Records was going to be there and thought let's make our gig count. So we went all out to put on our best performance so by the time I introduced myself to her and mentioned us coming she happily agreed to let us be part of the lineup. Boom!

So the flights and hotel were booked. New York City [sic] here we go. (Note to reader that t...

October 1, 2018

In January of 2007 I received a call off Alan Wilson (our debut albums producer) who told me he's putting together a new label called Cherrybomb Recordings (a division of Cherry Red Records) with a couple of new bands already signed up and of would we like to be part of "Fucking too right I do!" I said. I really wanted to follow up our last release with a stronger production and songs. This reignited my fire to keep us going and I had something to strive for. Unfortunately for my current line up at the time it was too late.

To cut a long story short, we managed to run ourselves into the ground after over a decade playing...

March 10, 2017

The Bottom Line....our difficult second album. A classic example of the dysfunctional band we we're.  After the release of our debut "Generation X-Rated" in 2002 I had already written a couple of songs, which was already in our live set. I cracked on with it until 2005. 

We'd already recorded some demos here and there before hand which unfortunately didn't hit the mark. Mixes were left incomplete due to lack of budgets. We sent them off never the less to several labels and got little or no response with. Our style had evolved to much a bigger and harder punk rock sound and we'd pretty much abandoned our rockabilly r...

January 8, 2016

The making of March to your own beat.

Early on in 2014 I regrouped with Liam and Neil to get the band up and running again properly after taking 3 years out. In that time the old line up of myself, Bob and Wally had done a few "one offs" which were good fun but I knew it could never continue. 

I got the urge to start writing again and some old songs from way back when could be reworked and rewritten. We picked up where we left off working on the songs like "Whatever happened to the krewmen?", "Carats, briefs and boils", "Hard knock chops" and "Staring out the old guard" which we're playing back in 2009. 'Carats..'  the on...

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